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Jindřichův Hradec is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved towns in South Bohemia. If you decide to visit Jindřichův Hradec, you will find not only traditional culture and ancient monuments, but also the peace and amenity of a town that is well worth a visit.


Jindřichův Hradec Chateau

After Prague Castle and the chateau in Český Krumlov, castle and chateau complex is the third largest monumental site in the country. Over the last seven hundred years it has changed hands between the three most prominent aristocratic families – the Páni of Hradec, the Slavatové and the Černínové – members of these families often held some of the most important positions in the land.

The originally Romanesque moated castle dating back to the early 13th century was converted to the early Gothic style in the second half of the 13th century. In the 16th century it was converted to a Renaissance chateau with three courtyards, the third of which features remarkable arcades. One of the most charming examples of the European Renaissance is the Rondel in the chateau gardens, which contains a concert hall. The most well-preserved kitchen of the European Middle Ages – the Black Kitchen on the ground floor of the Red Tower – is still working.

The National Photography Museum

The National Photography Museum is a wholly unique and unrivalled project in the Czech Republic. Its exhibitions and private viewings of prominent Czech and foreign photographers and artists have made it not just popular, but highly respected amongst the professional and lay public. When visiting Jindřichův Hradec, we recommend going to see the National Photography Museum and its shows.

Jindřichův Hradec Museum

Jindřichův Hradec is a town with a rich tradition of Nativity models. Jindřichův Hradec Museum contains the first mention of these models, dating back to 1579. The Krýza Crib was donated to the museum in 1935, and has been one of the most popular exhibits since that time. The Jindřichův Hradec burgher and master stocking-weaver Tomáš Krýza (1838 – 1918) spent more than sixty years making his life’s work and his magnificent Nativity model, which covers an area of 60 square metres, contains 1398 figures of people and animals, of which 133 actually move.

Narrow-gauge railway

Narrow-gauge railway – this is one of our town’s most popular attractions for visitors large and small.


Swimming pool and aquapark

In easy reach of the hotel is newly renovated Swimming pool and aquapark (hot tubs, children’s pool, salt water, counter-current,fast river, slide).